30 May.

Construction Update

Library 27 apartment building to be complete by March 2020.

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29 Nov.

Auckland apartment life: What's it really like?

An increasing number of Aucklanders are turning to inner-city apartments. Seen as not only a cost-effective alternative to the city's soaring house prices, apartments are also a lifestyle choice. The population of the CBD has increased by 10,000 in the last two years so we decided to speak to a couple local residents to get their take on what it's really like to live in the heart of Auckland.

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27 Oct.

How Auckland became the epicentre of the world's fastest rising house prices

A new study from a leading Chinese real estate business has found that New Zealand has the fastest-rising house prices in the world. Juwai's global house price index shows that house prices in New Zealand have been rising more than 10% year-on-year, topping the list of the 45 countries studied.

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